Taste the Sun

May 15, 2015  •  1 Comment

Why I like this picture?

Although this photo looks very mundane, I like the hidden hints of humour in this scene. This is obviously a cold day, everyone is wearing a thick coat, the summer season has ended and the shops are closed, however this family decided to enjoy a nice ice cream, outside, surrounded by empty tables and chairs, and with the slogan "Taste the Summer" behind them. To top it all, and even though it is probably not what is happening here, the dad's facial expression seem to say "what are we still doing here!?"

This is the story this picture tells me, it might tell another one to you. Don't hesitate to leave your story in a comment!  


Enjoy your week-end everyone! 



What I like is that, the way the picture was taken, it looks like the table is in the middle of the sidewalk. So to me it looks like the man is observing who is walking by as if at a checkpoint.
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